Call for Papers

    Abstract submission opening on Dec 1, 2023
    Abstract submission deadline on Mar 15, 2024

    The 28th Pacific Conference of the RSAI will be hosted by the Korea Regional Science Association(KRSA) in partnership with the Regional Science Association International, at EXCO, Daegu, South Korea, on August 5-7, 2024. The overarching theme of the conference is: “Sustainability of the Region in the Era of Great Transformation”. This theme reflects the need to address the challenges and opportunities that arise from the Great Transformation in the region. The conference aims to explore ways in which the region can adapt and thrive in the face of these changes in a sustainable way. This includes examining the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainability, and identifying strategies and solutions that can contribute to the long-term well-being and resilience of the region.
    The conference will bring together experts, scholars, and practitioners from various fields to share their insights and experiences, fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations to drive positive change. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future for the region.

    The conference committee calls for papers on various topics related to this overall theme in regional science for presentation at the conference. The committee will welcome papers on any aspect of regional science, and would particularly welcome papers reporting research or case studies on the following topics:

    1. Regional economics and development
    2. Income inequality and regional disparities
    3. Infrastructure, basic utilities and regional management
    4. Public services and human development
    5. Trade, investment and economic growth
    6. Decentralization and regional fiscal policies
    7. Regional macro and financial policies
    8. Local government innovation and governance
    9. Economic shocks and social safety nets
    10. Culture, land and village development
    11. Environmental and climate change
    12. Big data, artificial intelligence, and regional analysis
    13. GIS and spatial econometrics

    The paper abstract of about 500 words should be submitted online via link by Mar 15, 2024.
    Abstract should consist of background, data and methodology, potential contributions, and keywords. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
    Paper sessions are seminar-style for each paper and given ample time for discussion so that participants may provide constructive feedback to authors. Paper presentations will be made in English.

    Important dates:

    Dec 1, 2023 : Abstract submission opening
    Mar 15, 2024 : Abstract submission deadline
    Apr 15, 2024 : Early bird registration open
    Apr 15, 2024 : Notification of abstract acceptance
    Jun 1, 2024 : Full Paper submission deadline
    Jun 15 2024 : Early bird registration end
    Jun 30, 2024 : Paper presenter registration deadline
    Aug 3–4, 2024 : Pre-conference training
    Aug 5–7, 2024 : Conference date

    In Partnership with

    Regional Science Association International (RSAI)

    Hosted and Organized by

    Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization (PRSCO)
    Korea Regional Science Association (KRSA)
    Daegu Policy Institute

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