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Technical Tours

  Hyundai Robotics Factory Tour
August 6th, 2024 (Tuesday)
9AM - 12PM
South Korea has the highest volume of industrial robot installations in the world by robot density, with 1,012 robots per 10,000 employees in 2022, followed by Singapore (730), Germany (415), and Japan (397). This technical tour offers a chance to visit the headquarters and factory of Hyundai Robotics, the leading industrial robot manufacturer in South Korea. Participants will be introduced to the production process and current status of Hyundai Robotics' industrial robots, and will have the opportunity to see an automated factory where "robots make robots." The number of participants is limited to just 20. It’s free for conference registrants, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

  Smart City Daegu Center Tour
August 6th, 2024 (Tuesday)
3PM - 6PM
Free for conference registrant
Daegu Smart City Center is a testbed incubator that develops and experiments with smart facilities and services for Daegu citizens. This technical tour offers an overview of Daegu Metropolitan City's smart city policies and a look at the smart city solutions and infrastructure currently in operation throughout the city. At the Daegu Smart City Center, you will be introduced to solutions such as the intelligent CCTV system for locating missing children and seniors with dementia, the DaeguONE network, and the Urban Data Hub. The number of participants is limited to just 30. It’s free for conference registrants, so don't miss out on this opportunity.
  Gyeongju, UNESCO World Heritage Tour
August 7th, 2024 (Wednesday)
9AM - 6PM
Free for conference registrant
In the Gyeongju Historic Area, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, you'll see the Daereungwon Tomb Complex, which features 23 tombs of kings and nobles from the Silla dynasty, and the Gyochon Traditional Village of the Choi Clan, which has practiced Korean-style noblesse oblige for 12 generations. You’ll also see the Woljeonggyo Bridge, the largest wooden bridge in Korea, located near the village. The venue capacity is around 20 to 25 people, so we kindly ask for your understanding that we can only accept a maximum of 25 applications. It’s free for conference registrants.